Studio B! Lovelier atmosphere is hard to find! This was an easy place to work efficiently and for many many hours. Co-operating with Håkon went along smoothly, and we found his insight and perspectives of great value to our project during pre-production. He also helped see the greater picture in the middle of frequency geek-out and nerd-o-rama. Great guidance and facilitation served with humbleness and exquisite coffee! Thanks!

Team Ruben

I’ve had several preproductions at Studio B, and they have been fantastic! The recording room sounds insanely huge, and the practical sides like meals, parking and a place to stay, have all been well taken care of. Håkon Sagen has been helping to produce the shows with Amanda Tenfjord, and it’s been a real pleasure working with him. Total control on the musical side and an important part of how to work efficiently in the preproduction-days. He’s also a genuine good guy who creates a nice atmosphere in the group during intense working days. I truly recommend working with this dude!

Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter (Producer and musician for Ruben, Amanda Tenfjord++)

Studio B is a fantastic room! Perfect for both live shows and studio tracking. And Håkon takes care of everything! Coffee, good vibes, bad jokes, and everything that has to do with music! If you’re in need of a great studio, Håkon is your man and Studio B should be on top of your list!

Jørgen Munkeby (Musician, composer, producer Shining, Emperor)

Working in Studio B is a real pleasure! The room sounds both musical, inspiring and looks awesome!

Ove Nesheim (Sound-engineer for Frida Ånnevik, Daniel Kvammen++)

The recording room in Studio B is one vibey place! Huge, nice and with the perfect height for that great acoustic vibe! Fits perfectly for preproduction with the opportunity to mix in the control-room or through a PA in the recording room. Håkon Sagen balances heartwarming positivity with honest critique in a nice way and has a great pair of ears as a producer.

Martin Morland (Musician for Jarle Bernhoft, Amanda Tenfjord, Beharie)

After two live preprod sessions with Håkon we would easily come back. The live room is amazing(!). And Håkon functions great as mentor in these situations. Friendly, direct, funny, handsome, invested, and experienced. Also the coffee was splendid!

Henrik Lødøen (Musician for Astrid S, Amanda Tenfjord, Egil Olsen++)

Insane drum room. Just insane. One of the sickest rooms I’ve ever recorded in

Thomas Gallatin (Producer, musician for Darling West, Morten Abel, Marit Larsen, Sissel Kyrkjebø, Trygve Skaug, Addiktio++)

Huge great sounding room and amazing guys! Had a blast working there!

Marcus Tobias Nilsen (Producer, musician for Ruben, Victoria Nadine, Emilie Hollow++)

I have been to Studio B for pre-production and the room was perfect for that. I bet it´s a great place for recording aswell!
The space has a really nice atmosphere and Håkon was a great resource for artistic feedback.

Lars Takla (Musician for Emma Steinbakken, Astrid S, Dagny, Emilie Hollow, Ruben++)

Amazing studio to work in! And let us not forget the incredible food and the sweet people in the canteen. Any musicians dream!

Daniel Kvammen (Artist, songwriter)

A great place for writing, pre-production and band practice.
I’ve been here two times with my band already and we’ll definitely come back. Amazing facilities – everything you need is there.

Amanda Tenfjord (Artist, songwriter)