Studio B was built in the 80s following every rule in the “Book of sound”. Not only is it one of the few large studios to still exist, but it is constantly developing to fit the changing needs of musicians and producers.


COORDINATES: 58º 10′ 28.178” 8º 1′ 27.906”
ADDRESS: Bergtorasvei 122, 4633 Kristiansand, Norway

2022.12.20 - Cherry Cinema - www.hakonsagen.com - 1153-5

Håkon Sagen: Studio-manager · Producer · Musician

Håkon Sagen has played with some of Norways most interesting acts the last 15 years. He has toured and recorded for many years with the extravagant metal-band Shining, often referred to as “founders of Blackjazz”. They did numerous tours in the US, Europe and UK with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan, Devin Townsend, Periphery, Marty Friedman and so on. He has also toured extensively with the ever-evolving pop-artists Gabrielle, Ina Wroldsen and Dagny. The last few years Sagen has combined touring with song-writing-sessions, producing music-videos, mixing and co-producing live-shows for artists like Amanda Tenfjord, Ruben, Våde, Cherry Cinema, Uncanny, Live Hanken and so on.